September 12, 2010

Los Falcones - My First Digital Story

Well, I know that I have been really absent from my blog lately but it's for a good reason! I've finished my dissertation and have started a new collaborative diablog on feminist pedagogy with my good friend SLP called "It's Diablogical! A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy." Check it out! It's a great new project I've been a part of!

Also, I am defending my dissertation tomorrow. I am a little scared but I'm sure it will go fine. I'm posting my digital story that I will share in the open part of my defense. Please check it out around 9:30am and you can pretend that you're there with me.

I promise to be back on food blogging sooner than later. A and I are officially making the move to Fargo! So, I'll be in a new kitchen but will have some innovative ways to talk about the food as I play around with using final cut to edit some pictures and/or video together for my food blog posts!

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