July 15, 2009

Away from my Kitchen

I just wanted to let everyone (who cares anyways) know that I am currently on my dissertation research expedition across the country. So, this means La Kitchen Chicana is going to be kind of empty of Chicana cooking anyways. Although A did assure me that she would take some pictures of the meals she'll prepare for herself but I took the camera on my trip in hopes of perhaps doing some reviews of the delicious meals I might encounter on my travels. Think Rachel Ray's $40 a day meets Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. Well, that's rather ambitious but, I'll try to keep abreast of any food interests that might influence my kitchen somehow.

Of course, it's my only night in Lawrence and I left the camera at my friend's house so we're clearly off to a good start.

I guess these will just have to be "mental pictures", 'cause let's face it, when was the last time you heard Lawrence, Topeka or Emporia, Kansas were exactly culinary epicenters anyways? Maybe it's best that the camera was left at home so as to not document my oh-so-soon consumption of a drenched with house-made spicy mustard grilled turkey sandwich and (at least) 3 wheat state golden beers from Freestate Brewing Company that is about to commence in t-minus 2 hours...


  1. I think I actually said I would take a picture of my Arby's bag or possibly the pizza delivery boy... that's cute you think I'll be cooking though.

  2. Well I didn't want to call you out like that in front of all my loyal fans dear. I thought you might be embarrassed if I said, "my partner A assured me that she could keep the blog going by taking pictures of her frozen pizza cardboards that she accidently placed in the oven or her discarded fast food paper bags."